Aikido Holland Dojo

One translation of the word “Aikido” is Way of Harmony. Aikido is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes using an aggressor’s force or energy (ki) against him. Aikido uses a series of joint manipulation techniques, pins, timed throws, and evasive maneuvers to control or neutralize, in a responsible manner, an aggressor or group of aggressors. A primary tenet of Aikido is to control an aggressor with minimal use of lethal or injurious force. The art also incorporates weapons training with the wooden sword (Bokken, or Bokkuto), the four-foot staff (jo) and wooden knife (tanto). Aikido was founded in the early 1940’s by Morihei Ueshiba also known as O-sensei. Sensei Ueshiba developed Aikido from his own training in various traditional martial arts such as Daito-ryu Aiki-jujitsu and other sword based arts. O-sensei believed that people have a responsibility for the well being of others, even in a physical confrontation; therefore, he developed Aikido as a way for people to train in self-defense without the need to cause harm to others. Aikido is a very effective form of self-defense for men and women of any age. Aikido is based upon traditional concepts; therefore, there are no competitions or tournaments in Aikido. Training is for self-development. In addition to the martial side of the art, emphasis is placed upon etiquette (Rei), and Japanese culture (Bunka).